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Our Mission

To service the biggest operators and retailers in Europe

to make the circular economy for electronic devices & accessories a reality.

Why Choose Us ?

We select the most innovative solutions for circular economy in the market and execute them with our own team in the field. We train your own staff in order to meet the right expectations between customer care and profit.

Our Active Solutions

RapidCut 2.0 Hero Image transparent BG.png

We protect your screens with the best protective films on the market covered by a lifetime warranty.
No packaging, no dead stock, custom cutting on demand, installation by certified professionals with professionnal tools.


We repair a cracked surface of your smartphone to replace it with a new one.
Efficient and easy-to-use machines.

PANDAS (1).png

We evaluate your smartphone in just a few minutes with astonishing precision and without intervention from your teams. A quick, intuitive and fun diagnosis and buy-back offer for your customers.

LOGO MCL (1).png

We supply bioplastic accessories which are made of 30% of wheat straw and correspondingly reduces the use of hydrocarbons. 


Cyril Montanari
Chief Executive Officer
+33 6 14 69 07 27
  • LinkedIn
Mike Bissell
Chief Sales Officer
+1 (484) 682-9228
  • LinkedIn
Rohit Sidhwani
Senior Training Manager
+971 50 912 2715
  • LinkedIn
Sela Giray
Senior Training Manager
+358 44 0900700
  • LinkedIn
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